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Welcome!  We’re parents and grandparents who still hit up several shows a year dragging along our now 2.5 year old toddler (Lilly) and 6 month old (Stella).  We wanted to create a spot on the web to help parents successfully navigate all aspects of music concerts and festivals!  Sharing what we’ve learned along the way, what works, what doesn’t and what venues are awesome and awful!

I’m Cathleen, and I have been posting most of the articles so far.  I’m sharing tips curated from my own experiences and also those of Kiki Dodge, my deadhead mother who attends most festivals and concerts with us.  Together, we run festivalbabies.com!

Our site has product reviews and a growing database of festivals and venues to help guide parents of little ones to having a successful show.


 Lily At Dead and Company


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