Baby Jamz – Our Favorite Jamband Kid Tunes on Spotify!

Favorite Kid Tunes on Spotify Donut MammaWe pulled together our list of favorite phishy jamband kid tunes in an earlier post that was really popular.

I took some time today to pull those artists into our favorite jamband kid tunes on spotify playlist.

This is for our readers, to make it really easy on the next road trip to jam out to some family friendly tunes that truly do not suck!  Hit SHUFFLE and rock out that next bubble bath Daddy-o!

This particular playlist is upbeat.  I’ll do another one as I have time that’s more of a bedtime lullaby playlist for our little hippies!

Since I wrote that article I’ve spent a lot of time diving into these artists and there are some real gems here.  This is all quality music the entire family can get behind.  My guilty pleasure is the head knocking Secret Agent 23 Skiddoo.  Also loving Mr. Green Teeth by The Zucchini Brothers!

We were able to find a ton of our favorite artists on Spotify including Keller Williams, Okee Dokee Brothers, MMW, ALO, Jack Johnson and MORE!

I’m still really curious to learn from our listeners what jamband kid tunes we’re missing from the list!  Add some comments below to let us know what we should add to our jambands kids spotify playlist!  One nice thing about Spotify playlists is that I can keep adding as we think of new tunes to contribute!

Use our link below or search Spotify for “” to find our playlist!

Jamband Music for Kids. Top Childrens Albums done by your favorite jambands and rockstars!

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