Best Festival Gear: Easy Up Tents for Festivals and Concert Camping

The Mollusc

No not the Ween song (that’s Mollusk anyways)!  This innovative design in camping tents recently made the rounds on the solid PHISH TOUR 2014 Facebook group and probably other places around the web… there’s only one problem.

It doesn’t really exist as far as we can tell. The Kickstarter these guys setup didn’t get nearly the funding needed and the beta versions that were to be sold were gonna run about $400.

The Alternative for Best Festival Tent of 2017?

It got us thinking about the design and some comments in the thread pointed us to a a decent alternative!  Maybe even a better alternative.  Coleman, who has been doing this whole camping thing for decades, has produced a line of easy up tents and some of them look to fit well into our zone of festival and concert camping.

Watch this YouTube video of setup.  It only takes a few minutes!  Best Festival Gear worthy?  Think about how this could not only be a camping tent but a more private shade tent in the lot of your next amphitheater show!


Take a look at the larger 6 and 8-man tents they have.  I think they would even be a nice alternative on our festival survival packing list for the sun tent.

Best Festival Gear 2017 Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Coleman has a number of these in a variety of sizes as part of their “Instant” line–they have instant tents, instant shade shelters and more!

These use a very cool, intuitive central hub design that stays with the tent so you don’t have to hunt for poles.  The light blue one (Tenaya Lake 8 Person Fast Pitch) seems extra weather secure and includes a frickin’ closet!  It’s a steal on Amazon right now too compared to the almost $350 retail price.

Best Festival Gear 2017 Coleman Tenaya Pitch 8 man tent











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