Best Musical Instruments for Babies, Infants and Young Toddlers (1 – 24 months old)

Best Musical Instruments for Babies, Infants and Young Toddlers

Babies Playing Musical InstrumentsGetting the young ones into music at an early age is a great way to foster their appreciation for the musical arts.  Musical instruments for babies and musical play toys create real benefits for children.  These toys increase their rhythm, hand eye coordination, and understanding of the world.

We’ve been exposing our daughters to musical items for as long as they’ve been able to hold onto things!  As early as just a few months old a rattle becomes a maraca in the right hands!

This is a three part series and in this first installment we’ll focus on the youngest rockers.  Today we’re featuring the best musical instruments for babies.  Next time we’ll look at awesome ideas for those parents with kids who are a little older.

Musical Instruments for Babies (1 month – 24 months old)Baby Tamborine

Our advice is the simpler the better.  There are a ton of plastic guitars with light up buttons and noises but those tend to get ignored quickly.

In summary, your kids are going to BEAT the ever living hell out of these toys so the more robust and simple the toy the better.

Because of that things like big chunky plastic rattles, durable wood instruments, simple tambourines and cool drums win the day!  There are some really great little kits that include everything too.

Hohner 4 Piece Baby Band and Mini Orchestra

Hohner makes a ton of musical items for younger children and toddlers.  The name is synonymous with quality musical instruments for adults like harmonicas and guitars, but we’ve found their toys to be bullet proof and built to take an absolute beating.

Because of that, Hohner comes in as a top recommendations, we really liked the Hohner 4 piece Baby Band and like I said Lily just wailed on these toys and they’ve survived well.

We also had the Hohner Mini Orchestra.  It is made of the same nearly indestructible build quality and that our family just loved to play with.

I see they have a nice kit you can get called the Hohner Toddler Music Band that also looks very cool!

Nino Egg Shakers

These Nino Egg Shakers seem like a sure fit for our list!  They are fun and darn near indestructible.  My husband gets out of hand shaking these dang things sometime forcing me to shoot him the evil eye so they must be fun for all ages 🙂

Nino also makes these really cool fruit and veggie shaped shakers that they call their “Botany Shaker Assortment” that might be very attractive to your little future rock star!


Green Tones/Endangered Animal Shaker Set

The safety expert in me really likes Green Tones entire product line.  Seems like everything they make would be a great addition to this list!  Made of non-toxic materials and featuring safe vegtable pellets inside, these Green Tones Animal Shakers are most importantly CUTE!  Beautiful endangered animal shakers that are perfectly sized for little hands to grasp and shake!  You can get a three piece set or buy individual shakers in a variety of endangered animal shapes!

Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Maracas Musical Toy

My daughters just loved these little simple Fisher Price rattles and our second little one who is just about 6 months old has taken to them as well!


Remo HD2005LK Lynn Kleiner Baby Drum with Mallet

Remo is a name always synonymous with quality musical instruments and this Baby Drum with Mallet is a tag team effort with Lynn Kleiner (a kids music pioneer in her own right).

You can find the rest of the Lynn Kleiner branded stuff by using this link.  Of note are the couple of shaker toys that remind me of the popular ones Lily had from Hohner.


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