Best Musical Instruments for Little Kids (3 – 6 years old)

Best Musical Instruments for Little Kids Ages 3 to 6 Years Old

Kid Garage BandOh man, now we’re cooking!  This is part 3 of a 3 part series.  Click here for part 1 for baby musical instruments and click here for part two on toddlers.  This article will focus on the best musical instruments for little kids ages 3 to 6 years old.

At about 3 years old, we think your little ones are ready for some really rocking instruments.  Now is the time to introduce those string instruments if that’s your thing!

If you are inclined towards stringed instruments we have a twist for you to consider!  One of the best recommendations we can make is to consider starting with a Ukulele–not a guitar as you might assume!  Unconventional?  Maybe.  But as a first musical instrument for little kids it’s perfect!

A quality Uke is affordable, well built and plays effortlessly.  They’re real musical instruments for little kids at a cheap price.  Dollar for dollar, you’re going to get a much better Uke for $60 than guitar.  Also a lot of the beginner guitars are nylon string acoustic nightmares.  Difficult to tune and even harder on the little kids hands to play.  These units are often overpriced for what they are.

If you have an older student and they may want to jump right to guitar consider going full electric right from the start.  It’ll be easier to play and if you pick the right model it’ll grow with them as they hit some of their upcoming growth spurts!Toddler Ukulele

Another tip might be to hit up the local pawn shop or craigslist ad looking for used quality instruments for little kids versus what might be in your price range for a brand new instrument at a local music store.



Hamano U-30PK Colorful Soprano Ukulele

Hamano’s Soprano Ukulele is a real musical instrument for little kids, not a toy.  That being said it’s known for being incredibly durable and they come in a TON of great colors!  This Uke is able to take the abuse young players will put it through.  Once you purchase one don’t be surprised if mommy or daddy ends up playing this enjoyable instrument just as much as the kids!  They are so much fun, so easy to play and there are a ton of great songs available to learn on Ukulele.


Kala Makala Ukulele’s

Another soprano ukulele of known good build quality.  Kala makes Makala Ukulele’s in a variety of colors and styles that are still under $50 and well built.  Don’t let the low price fool you, this is a real quality instrument for little kids!

Casio SA76 44 with Mini Sized Keys

This little unit from Casio called the SA76-44 is another real deal musical instrument scaled down slightly for those making their first tunes.  It was featured on James Cordon’s CarPool Karaoke recently.  That video showed how flexible this little keyboard can be.  It has all the features of the big pro models but it’s small enough for little kid hands.  It also includes a built in speaker so it’s a complete package ready to go!

Schylling Kids Accordion

There are actually a couple kids accordion’s that looked good.  Schylling Kids Accordion will inspire the next buckwheat zydeco generation!  I loooove zydeco music and it’s the perfect boot stomping, rhythm inducing music for kids.  Get them into it big time with their own accordion that won’t break the bank!

Fender Squire Mini Strat

The Fender Squire Mini is a 3/4 scale replicas of it’s bigger brothers.  “Cheap” but still a Fender.  They still feature Fender’s quality components and body parts but in a compact frame that’s better for smaller hands or even as a small travel guitar for adults.  They come in a variety of colors and options!  Note that you’ll need to buy an amp or a starter kit to have all the pieces needed to ROCK.

Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar

Similar in shape and size to the Fender above but with a little more METAL edge.  The Ibanez Mikro Electric Guitar is their first 3/4 sized beginner guitar model.

Mendini by Cecilio Junior Drum Set

It takes a special kind of parent to buy a drum set for their kids but in case that’s you, this one is what you need!  Cecilio’s Mendini kit has everything and the components are quality!

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