Canopy Tent Idea – Ozark Trail Connectent – build your own hideaway!

Posting this so I can remember it later!  

Cool Canopy Tent idea from Ozark Trail called the Connectent that has some pretty unique features!  Create a festival fortress!

This looks like it’s combining the best of both worlds.  Integrating the all important pop-up tent directly into your sleeping quarters.

You know we maintain a comprehensive packing list for festivals and concerts and on there you’ll find the pop-up tent.  This is a new spin on it for sure.  You can add pods to it and grow out like your own little hippie commune with some decent privacy.

Saw this and thought about how a couple of like minded families could connect it together and create an awesome little hideaway in the midst of a festival camping ground.

There were a couple reviews about it standing up to some pretty decent weather and that the design helps the water move away from the tents and your sleeping area.  Read the individual reviews on this one, it doesn’t have enough to just trust the overall rating.  There are a half dozen 5 star reviews but a couple negatives too.

At the price point of like $60 I wouldn’t be expecting REI or North Face like quality.  But if you got a few seasons out of it even I’d consider it a good deal.

Hell, even if I had to burn it to the ground after a single weekend festival with the family I probably wouldn’t cry over the money spent either!!

Check out the Ozark Trail Connectent on Amazon.  Inventory may be spotty so you may want to poke around at other stores and brick and mortar locations.  If you happen to come across this locally please let us know in the comments!  Even if you can’t find this exact model it’s cool to know something like this exists and others may have similar setups!

See how you can add on additional tents to create a little fortress at the festival!  Such a cool idea!

Ozark Trail Connectent Canopy Tent Idea


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