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Best Festival Gear: Easy Up Tents for Festivals and Concert Camping

The Mollusc No not the Ween song (that’s Mollusk anyways)!  This innovative design in camping tents recently made the rounds on the solid PHISH TOUR 2014 Facebook group and probably other places around the web… there’s only one problem. It doesn’t really exist as far as we can tell. The Kickstarter these guys setup didn’t get… Read more »

Canopy Tent Idea – Ozark Trail Connectent – build your own hideaway!

Ozark Trail Connectent

Posting this so I can remember it later!   Cool Canopy Tent idea from Ozark Trail called the Connectent that has some pretty unique features!  Create a festival fortress! This looks like it’s combining the best of both worlds.  Integrating the all important pop-up tent directly into your sleeping quarters. You know we maintain a comprehensive packing… Read more »

Grateful Book of Letters by Pete Mason and Ryan Kerrigan – just released today, perfect for ages 2-6!

The Grateful Book of Letters

The Grateful Book of Letters Friend of FestivalBabies and PhanArt creator, Pete Mason joined forces again with artist Ryan Kerrigan to create a Grateful Dead inspired take on the alphabet! Walk your toddlers through their A, B, C’s with references to the Dead throughout!   AWESOME. We expect it to be built out similar to their… Read more »

Best Musical Instruments for Little Kids (3 – 6 years old)

Kid Garage Band

Best Musical Instruments for Little Kids Ages 3 to 6 Years Old Oh man, now we’re cooking!  This is part 3 of a 3 part series.  Click here for part 1 for baby musical instruments and click here for part two on toddlers.  This article will focus on the best musical instruments for little kids… Read more »

Best Musical Instruments for Babies, Infants and Young Toddlers (1 – 24 months old)

Babies Playing Musical Instruments

Best Musical Instruments for Babies, Infants and Young Toddlers Getting the young ones into music at an early age is a great way to foster their appreciation for the musical arts.  Musical instruments for babies and musical play toys create real benefits for children.  These toys increase their rhythm, hand eye coordination, and understanding of the… Read more »

Getting the kids to use a port-o-john! Plus alternative options!


A perennial of amphitheater parking lots and music festivals everywhere. The port-o-john, the porta-potty, whatever you call it–you may need to face it with your kids.  We’re providing our top tips and ideas on making going potty at the show a no-big-deal situation! Gain Experience Pre-Show Much like with hearing protection it’d be a great… Read more »

Tips for Flying to Festivals and Shows


We’ve compiled our best tips for flying to festivals and shows.  Getting from A to B with the kids is always interesting but hopefully our tis on flying to concerts will hel make the trip a little easier!       Tip 1: Bring the Cooler and put it to WORK! Easily one of our… Read more »