Festival and Venue Review Database

What is it?

The most comprehensive database of venue and festival information for parents who want to bring their little one’s along for the show.

We are hard at work continually adding new events and venues.  We’re also busy updating the existing venue and festival listings with pertinent information we can gather from the Internet.

How do I use it?

The database is map driven and you can use it similar to how you’d go about using Google Maps.

Using the Map

You can start by just browsing as you would in Google Maps.  Or use our comprehensive search options to narrow it down to things in your area.

Switch between venues and festivals by using the selector in the bottom left of the map which can toggle between the two listing types.


Festival/Venue Details Page

Clicking on a venue or festival brings up the details we have on the listing including any important websites, details, pictures, and most importantly reviews from other parents like YOU!

If you find that we’re missing your favorite venue or festival, please ADD IT!


Adding A Review

If you have some great wisdom, advice or feedback about a specific venue or festival please LEAVE A REVIEW!  It’s critical to hear from other parents on these venues and festivals and your insight (however small) can go a long way towards helping other parents in gearing up for the next show.

How can I contribute and help?

  1. Add new reviews to existing festivals and venues based on your own experiences!
  2. Add brand new venues or festivals to our database!
  3. Reach out about your own survival tips that could be shared with other families!
  4. Contact us if you’d like to do a more in-depth venue review for Festival Babies like we’ve done for some of our favorites like SPAC and PNC Pavilion.