Friends and Links

Friends of Festival Babies –  These are site we like, usually done by people we like too!

StS - Show The ShowShow The Show – Find couch tour events daily!  ShowTheShow is run by fans of live music for fans of live music.  Great website


Pesca MuertaPesca Muerta (“Fishing Dead”) — a sporting lifestyle brand that designs and develops premium sportswear in a killer design theme (in my opinion!).  I own a few items from these guys and they’re just great people.  Keep an eye out at the next show in the lot for their tent or visit their website and show them some love!– Face value tickets for your favorite acts like Phish, Dead, DMB, etc.  I encourage all of you to head here as a real alternative to getting soaked by a scalper on a site like StubHub.  This is the site for fans made by fans.