Golden Slumbers – Best Phish/Jamband/Dead Lullabies for Kids!

Lullabies For Cool Kids

Sleeping baby lullaby - Phish Dead LullabiesI can’t tell you how important music can be to our little ones.  It’s ability to calm, teach and mold our youngest into kind people is amazing and to be cherished.

We’ve created one of the best jamband/phish/dead lullabies playlists!  Featuring tunes from Caspar Babypants (love the Beatles stuff!), Holly Bowling, Jack Johnson and Ziggy Marley to name a few!

Our last post on great kids music was one of our most popular posts.  We converted it into a Spotify playlist as well!  This week we’re looking at extracting the mellow goodness from that giant playlist into a condensed sleepy wonder.  If you don’t have Spotify Premium I think you can still listen to everything but they may inject some ads here and there.  It’s easily the best $8 we spend a month, it feels like I have all of iTunes available at all times.

This new Spotify playlist is just what you need as bedtime rolls in and you need some comforting tunes.  Also has worked great in our family on road trips when we need to bring the energy levels down a little.  It’s still great songs and you parents will be singing right along–I guarantee it!

Make sure you hit shuffle on this one so it bounces around a bit.  It wasn’t designed with any foresight into being played in a certain order!

If you’re using the app on a smartphone just search for FestivalBabies and you’ll find all our playlists!


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