Grateful Book of Letters by Pete Mason and Ryan Kerrigan – just released today, perfect for ages 2-6!

The Grateful Book of LettersThe Grateful Book of Letters

Friend of FestivalBabies and PhanArt creator, Pete Mason joined forces again with artist Ryan Kerrigan to create a Grateful Dead inspired take on the alphabet!

Walk your toddlers through their A, B, C’s with references to the Dead throughout!   AWESOME.

We expect it to be built out similar to their first book, the Phish themed “The Alphabet Book, For Little Phans: From Antelope to Zero“.  

You can expect whimsical artwork coupled with thoughtful references on each page to the band.   We have a picture down below of the inside of the Antelope to Zero book to give you an idea.

Shipping April 1st and available on Pete’s site for $16 including free shipping!




The Grateful Book of Letters

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