Getting the kids to use a port-o-john! Plus alternative options!


A perennial of amphitheater parking lots and music festivals everywhere. The port-o-john, the porta-potty, whatever you call it–you may need to face it with your kids.  We’re providing our top tips and ideas on making going potty at the show a no-big-deal situation! Gain Experience Pre-Show Much like with hearing protection it’d be a great… Read more »

FestivalBabies Database is LIVE!

I am sooooo stinking excited and proud to announce the FestivalBabies Database! We’ve created a database for venue & festival reviews.  It’s intended to include information so that families that bring their kids to shows can come informed and well prepared!

Jamband Music for Kids. Top Childrens Albums done by your favorite jambands and rockstars!

Keller Williams Kids Album

We’re sharing some of our favorite jamband music for kids.  I’m almost certain that we have the most comprehensive list of children’s music for jamband/hippie kids available on the Internet! These are albums put out by artists and also some killer compilations or remakes in a kind friendly way.  There are some awesome CD’s available… Read more »

Top 5 Best Festival Blankets

Best Festival Blanket

We are sharing our top favorite best festival blankets for concerts.  A blanket for your next concert or festival is essential.  It creates a home-base inside the venue for you and the family.  It also provides a visible boundary so that others can avoid stepping over you on their travels. You’ll be protecting your family… Read more »