Weather Happens: Rain Edition – How to Prepare for a Rainy Concert or Festival

Weather Happens: Rain Edition – Coping with Rain at Concerts or Festivals

How to prepare for a rainy set of music at a concert or festival

My hubby and I have seen our fare share of weather at concerts and festivals.  During moe.’s set one year at All Good it was snowing, in the West Virginia mountains in MAY.

Coventry was a mud pie mess for all involved.  Rain at concerts happens and will happen to you eventually.  It’s no big deal as long as you’re prepared!

We’ve pulled together a series of articles dealing with adverse conditions.  Our first edition will be about rain and wet weather adventures 🙂

Here are some tips to make the best of the situation!

This article centers around three domains of getting through a soggy show: Preparedness, Attitude and Safety


Attitude - Happy in the rain at concertThis is a no brainer but I often need to remind my husband to not take life so seriously, because it’s contagious.

Your little ones are a mirror for your own feelings and outlook.  If you’re confident, happy and excited they will reflect that!  If you’re scared, nervous or upset–they will be too!

You are prepared.  You have changes of clothes.  No one is going to melt.  Embrace it!

Treat the weather like an adventure and dance in the rain provided it’s safe!  Attack the weather and have fun with it and your kids will turn towards the same kind of attitude!



Educate yourself a little on bad weather safety tips at concerts.  Being well read and studied on rain at concerts will bring about some calm to what can turn into a very chaotic situation.

Bring a little cash in case you need something inside the venue and find they don’t take cards or the credit card terminals are down due to weather.

Follow all staff directions or loudspeaker announcements during a severe weather incidentRainy Mud at Concert

Always know where the nearest exits are and have a meet up plan established with all family members in the event you get separated

Lightning is bad and a sign you need to take direct action against the weather

Install a few weather apps, learn to use them and find which work best for you BEFORE the day of the show!

It’s important that you try it out and know how to use the app before hand.  Know how to read the weather maps and get alerts sent to you.

I actually like our local news stations weather app (ABC11 Weather App) and it can be used for any location, it sends me alerts if severe weather is coming and easily allows me to see a Doppler radar.

Come hydrated and fed — try to have some water and food in you and your families bellies before the show so that in the event of an emergency food and water isn’t the top priority.

A.V Club interviews Jay Sweet who produces the Newport Music Festival which is known for dealing with weather situations.  This is a great inside look on the considerations the festival staff, bands, and crew face during bad weather.  There are some YouTube videos included that show just how bad it can get too!, CDC, and NOAA also have good advice for dealing with Thunderstorms:


Prep Tips

Muddy Boots - Take care of shoes

You’re going to want to add some weather specific items onto our normal packing list recommendations!

Check out some of the one piece rain suits available out there to have some weather appropriate gear for your little ones

Take care of your shoes!

A festival or concert quickly evolves into a mud pit (and some of that ain’t mud!) — I usually want real shoes on my feet or better yet some rain boots.  They make some cute ones for the kids now!

Pack changes of clothes!

Dry socks are such a beautiful thing.  Pack extras of everything for everyone!

If bringing them into the show or camping at a festival pack them into large ziplock bags.  Ziplock actually sells some larger bags now and they’re AWESOME.  They’re tough enough that we reuse them several times before tossing.

If it’s warm out you could flip this around and pack swimsuits for everyone and embrace the weather!

Pack contractor garbage bags, they’re large and a bit more rugged/thick than your average hefty trash bag!

Become instant ponchos if needed

Cover your sleeping bags or festival blankets using a contractor garbage bag or similar giant trash bag as temporary waterproofing.

Pack a tarp or two, or something cool like a Tarpestry that we highlight in our festival blankets article.

If you can get a couple simple clamps from the dollar store/harbor freight you can easily make a quick roof for a wagon!

Charge up the cell phone before the show and consider bringing an extra battery charger — these portable batteries are a blessing and can recharge a single smart phone 2-3 times!

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